Level 1-3 Power Yoga Class: Intense Planks Core Abs

Power Yoga is a different type of Yoga practice where the main focus is on building strength, endurance and flexibility by making moves at a vigorous pace and holding those poses for longer periods than in regular Yoga style.
Power Yoga for Weight Loss
Here is a free Power Yoga class which is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced level audience. The power yoga poses discussed in this free yoga class are meant to reduce weight successfully as the trainer 'Ali Kamenova' have performed a very strong sequence with Cardio elements mixed with the Yoga poses.

Check it for yourself.

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What is Power Yoga? Differences b/w Yoga & Power Yoga?

What is Power Yoga?

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Power Yoga is a general term which most people get confused very often. The word 'Power Yoga' is used extensively in the west to describe a fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style Yoga, also considered as 'gym yoga'. This power yoga practice was originated in the mid 1990s and is closely based on the Ashtanga method (the eight limbed pose).

This term came into common usage in order to make Ashtanga Yoga technique even more accessible to the western students. However, unlike the Indian style Ashtanga Yoga technique, power yoga doesn't follow any set or series of Yoga poses which is why the Power Yoga classes vary widely in different places.

Differences between Yoga and Power Yoga?

In Power Yoga, the user will have to move more quickly than the regular Yoga method. And that being said, it gives more Cardio output. In the regular Yoga technique, we focus mainly on holding the pose, while in Power Yoga we focus mainly on the movement.

To clearly explain, you shed more sweat in power yoga than regular yoga style (no/less sweat).

When we talk about Power Yoga, we should give credit to two American Yoga teachers - Beryl Bender Birch and Baron Baptiste. Both these practiced (learned) Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. But, later they both improvised their own style of Ashtanga Yoga separately.

Do Power Yoga Suits You?

Although Power Yoga training differs from teacher to teacher, it will suit people who're already quite fit, enjoy exercising, but want to practice yoga with a minimal chanting and meditation.

To say it clearly, Power Yoga is a combination of poses that are designed to improve strength, balance & flexibility.

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